An Introduction.

Hello 👋🏾, I’m Mwikala Kangwa. Instead of a super long introduction, here are some quick facts for you to get to know me a bit quicker;

  • Age 👦🏾 = 19 y/o
  • Location 📍 = Leeds, England
  • Profession 💼 = Software Engineer @
  • Hobbies 👾 = Video Games, Sports (Go-Karting & Basketball) & Programming

What have I accomplished?

I’d like to think in my very short time on this earth so far, I’ve accomplished a few things to be proud of. Some of those things include;

  • Getting an apprenticeship at 15 y/o and getting started as soon as I was legally allowed to at 16.
  • Just 1 year after that at 17 y/o, I start my own consulting agency while still working full-time.
  • Another year on and I’m working part-time with my agency, as well as completing Level 4 of my apprenticeship.

I truly believe I’m just getting started.

What programming languages do I know?

Tough question but I get it a lot. I’m only going to mention languages I believe myself to be capable of using and researching in detail.

For example; the Employer asks me to create a web app, I can use [insert-language] and know where to start

  • Kotlin, Java, Dart w/ Flutter
  • PHP Frameworks (Laravel, Symfony)
  • Node (Express, Vue)
  • SQL Databases

I’m always learning something new to expand my knowledge in my industry but I thought I’d stick to the few mentioned.

Where can you connect with me?

Social Media

What am I currently working on?


  • Mainly focused on the work I get from my agency and my part-time job.

Some side projects include;

What am I playing?

You can find a more up to date log of games and any of my reviews at